Google Ads Management Service

Our PPC experts develop profitable paid marketing campaigns. We use data analysis alongside industry leading technologies to increase campaign performance and make a tangible difference to your R.O.I.

We specialise in creating high performance campaigns across Google’s Search and Display networks. There are no long term contracts to sign, we retain our client by delivering great results. Prices start from just £280 per month.

Google Ads Certified Individual

How Our Google Ads Management Service Works

Understanding your Objectives

In order for us to develop a successful Adword strategy that meets your requirements, it is essential that we understand your campaign objectives and target audience.

High-intent Keywords

We conduct thorough keyword research at the outset of your campaign to identify high-intent search queries that are more likely to convert into sales or enquiries. Keyword research is an ongoing process that continues throughout your campaign.

Campaign Structure

By improving your campaign structure we can often achieve higher quality scores, reducing the amount you pay per click and ensuring that your ad groups are tightly focussed.

Tracking Conversions

Conversion tracking provides vital insight into which keywords are delivering traffic that converts into sales or enquiries. By ensuring that Google Analytics is set up and correctly configured, we can improve your campaigns conversion rates and R.O.I.

Engaging Ad Copy

We create compelling keyword rich ad copy that is designed to engage your target audience. Well written ad copy can have a significant effect on click through rates, often improving campaign performance by up to 10%.

Communication & Feedback

We stay in touch with you throughout the campaign, and act on the feedback you provide in order to make further improvements. Good communications are an essential part of any long term business relationship.